Kenneling Introduction

An introduction to kenneling

We firmly believe that kenneling needs to be introduced to your dog in a friendly and constructive way. If the training is carried out correctly your dog will be happy to kennel at any time. If however, the dog has a bad experience at kennels he may never settle in and always find the visit stressful. This introduction is designed to help young, timid or dogs that have never kenneled before.

First visit

10 – 15 minutes, our guest meets the team at Pule Hill Lodge standing in the reception area so we can monitor his/her reaction to the atmosphere. This visit needs to be short and friendly so our guest does not associate the visit with anything more than a new environment and new smells.

Second visit

1 hour, the owner puts our guest in a lodge and departs. After a short period we take him/her for a walk and spend some one to one time with them so they are comfortable with both their surroundings and us. The owner then collects the guest after having had a very short taste of kennels; the experience has been a pleasure so he/she does not associate the visit as a stay.

Further visits

We are more than happy to welcome guests for more than one, 1 hour visit free of charge. However if you decide book your dog in for an overnight stay or weekend as part of the introduction scheme we will charge at standard rates.

Contact: – MICHELLE to discuss your dog’s introduction

07970 157205