Have a read through some of the various suites we have for your dog’s enjoyment.


Mouse House

Welcome to down under!  You’ll be amazed by unspoiled nature and engaging adventures this cutest mouse-houseluxury resort has to offer.  Relax in the cosy but stylish atmosphere from the moment you first step into, “The Mouse House”.  Experience the mind-blowing natural wonders and get enchanted by the changing colours of this, “living” resort, to the point of being mesmerised.  A resort, which combines natural materials with mouse features, to create the perfect holiday paradise.


Woodland Walk

woodland-walkEnjoying strolling through the pine and birch woodland amongst which there are many beautiful lakes, leading to breathtaking scenery.  A landlocked, mountainous luxury resort, giving it a unique identity.  Enjoy the thin mountain air, tranquil lakes, and lush alpine fields which combine to create a picture-postcard charm, or explore the fairytale castles while relaxing to soft, “hound” music.

See if you can discover the woodland folk, be it, “Silky the fairy”, “Moonface”, or the “Angry Pixie”!!  You may then be invited to tea in the, “Magic Faraway Tree”, and exit by means of the “Slippery Slip” on a coloured cushion of your choice.


Picnic in the Park

picnic-in-the-parkPick up your freshly packed picnic hamper, and head for a long, lazy day in the park, to enjoy the tranquility and relaxation.  Why not take advantage of the glorious sunshine and greenery of this luxury resort.  There is an overwhelming choice of fragrant fruit from nearby citrus groves, and vineyards studded with olive trees where sweet wine flows as freely as conversations at the local café.  A carefree resort where a sense of timelessness is magnified by the friendliness of the people.


Orchard Fruit Fun

orchard-fruit-funCaressed by the warmth of the Indian Ocean, this luxury resort will enchant you and leave you feeling as if you have been specially chosen to experience the wonders of a magical retreat.  It has an array of exotic colours, scents and tastes.  A sublime blend of peace and tranquility, which creates a sanctuary of the senses.  Don’t forget to take time to enjoy a chilled glass of fruit and rum punch!


Riverside Roll

Cocooned between the mountains and the sea, this resort is waiting to reveal the surprises it hasriverside-roll in store.  This exquisite resort emerges from the valley of Pule Hill – a calm oasis of luxury and tranquility.


Beach Party

beach-partyThe breathtaking views from this suite overlook the pristine, white powder Caribbean beach which blends gently with the sparkling turquoise ocean beyond.  This fun resort offers amazing excursions and exciting activities.  There is a lively nightlife with, “bare paw” dancing, reggae music and beach jamboree!  It is geared towards our younger, more energetic guests.


Seaside Splash

seaside-splashSituated in one of the most picturesque locations in the resort and boasts its own exclusive marina.  It is decorated to suggest a maritime atmosphere, which is emphasised by the sound of waves gently breaking onto nearby rocks.  These luxury resorts is famous for snorkeling and diving, or why not make the most of the opportunity to scuba dive and discover the beautiful living corals and exquisite fish.


Paradise Island

paradise-islandA truly tropical holiday paradise, surrounded by palm trees, exotic plants and flowers, waterfalls and a cactus garden.  A perfect location for watching the magnificent sunset with rum punch in your hand.  The only access to this resort is by seaplane. You treasured pet will absolutely love this little taste of paradise at Pule Hill Lodge Luxury Kennels.


Sea World

A luxury family resort, which can be enjoyed by all the family over and over again, because you willsea-world want to return.  Set your course, and ride the waves to a holiday you will never forget.  Hypnotic sea life and a landscape blessed by Mother Nature await you.  Experience blue glaciers while you watch grizzlies pulling salmon from the shallows.  Meet the variety of penguins, Sharmu the killer whale, and the adorable friendly dolphins.  Why not take a break, and try your luck in purchasing an oyster, to unveil the pearl of your dreams, in the resort of your dreams.


Adventure Park

adventure-parkBeing especially suited to families with children, this is a truly magical resort.  There is so much more to this diverse resort than sun and sea.  It is visited by guests from all over the world, enchanted by the great variety of attractions.  Whether you spend you day participating in the excitement of the park rides, or at night to experience the illuminated parade and truly breath-taking firework display, you will not be disappointed.  One of our all year round favourite resorts.


Pethouse Suite

A sumptuous top-floor luxury family suite blended harmoniously with its surroundings.  It is pethouse-suitefurnished and fitted to the highest standard.  The quality of furnishings and contemporary design makes this resort unique.  You can spend balmy evenings on the spacious open terrace enjoying the stunning views of the lush valley and ocean beyond, or just sitting back on the luxurious sofa watching T.V. if you are “dog tired”!  Sit back, relax and savour a cool refreshing drink from your private mini bar.